Here’s an idea: Let’s put aircraft black boxes in the cloud

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As searchers from more than two dozen countries continue to look for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, some transportation experts are calling for a revamp of the traditional black box flight recorder, recommending that at least some key flight data be transmitted from aircraft to the cloud.

Clearly there are expenses and technology hurdles to be overcome. Streaming all that data from plane to some sort of database would be expensive, but periodically sending key snippets might not be cost prohibitive, experts told Reuters last week.

Mark Rosenker, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and a retired U.S. Air Force General, said the latest aviation mishap, along with the loss five years ago of Air France flight 447 in the Atlantic, should spur reform of an antiquated investigation process.

The availability of even limited data from the black box and cockpit voice recordings could speed…

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“Caterpillar” — Christina Rossetti

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The Great Moon Hoax

The Great Moon Hoax

Interesting food for thought! 

Moon rocks and common sense prove Apollo astronauts really did visit the Moon.

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More power to the Internet !!

Amazingly, two weeks after I posted the this  and linked it to my complaint on the STAR CJ website, I received a call from them, and also, FINALLY, A WORKING REPLACEMENT of my product. This time around, I checked its condition before accepting delivery !! 

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It is soon going to be the one year annivesary of my INALSA FOOD PROCESSOR, which is now a showpiece at our home !!

The product was ordered on 22Dec 2011 and promptly delivered on 25 Dec 2011 , with a broken Blender jar, that I could not use.
I called the STAR CJ shop immediately who said, dont worry just start using the product and we will replace the jar in one week

Next call – in 15 days
Next call – in one week

By april, I had made 20 calls to the call center, spoke to about 15-20 different people, and also many supervisors

They all assured me of prompt service and immeadiate action – nobody delivered.

Then in May, the main processor stopped. I was too tired to do anything about it by now. All I have is bad afters- ales service, a broken down product and a legacy of high phone bills (my bills averaged over a thousand rupees over 6 months that I kept calling these people)

I don’t believe in “shop now online or shop now on the phone ” anymore. It was a bad idea !

Shame on you STAR CJ. Shame on you INALSAImageSTA, for chosing STAR CJ to parner with you, and never checking their quality of service or what happens to product satisfaction .

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new post today mar siz

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This is something I would do !!

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Last Friday, Javi and I planned to do some more hiking around Buena Vista but my cousin Andrew advised us to conserve our energy for our big climb on Saturday. Instead, we decide to drive to Fairplay, CO and visit an open-air museum for South Park City, another abandoned town but completely restored. It was one of the best museums I’ve been to – truly! South Park City was a mining town in the 19th century, and the town’s economy diversified enough so that when the mining boom ended the city still thrived for a few decades. Eventually, the city fell into disrepair until the early 20th century when an attorney from Colorado Springs took interest in the history of the town and set out to restore it. He moved representative period buildings from all over the area to one single space on the outskirts of Fairplay. Eventually through donations…

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