Reinventing the Café Wheel

Reinventing the Café Wheel

the trademark oversized 'tedha' coffee cup .. Trademark oversized ‘tedha’ coffee cup ..

Humans are creatures of habit.. yet novelty is the spice of life.

Entrepreneurs who crack this mystery do really well by reinventing the wheel. It’s everywhere, technology, engineering, metaphors even,  like old wine new bottle ?

A classic example is the Café chain concept.. Earlier you had Irani cafes (which by the way should actually have been named “Irani Teas”) and now all you get is Café coffee day.. ask the average Mumbaikar where you’d like to meet up ? hmm… CCD Juhu ? ? Of course some of us are still partial to the Dhobi Talao area.. and where else do you get that really fabulous cheese khari ? I still wonder how places like CCD and Barista even got famous.. agreed the coffee is tolerable and does have a lot of variety, but really, food service and quality

Culture, heritage, memories of college
Culture, heritage, memories of college

the Irani cafe wins hands down.. really no contest.

Brun pav.. have hot from the oven swathered in butter or by itself
Brun pav.. have hot from the oven swathered in butter or by itself

Another uniquely Indian eatery is the ubiquitous Udupi restaurant. A great place for coffee I say ! (The filtered authentic variety as we know it. ) A few years back Dosa Diner tried in vain to cash in on the concept  (what went wrong I don’t really know but somehow the concept did not really catch on there).

A new (ish) place that shows a lot of promise in this area is Costa Coffee.. the coffee in question, is really nice and bordering upon wonderful.  (Given the price tag, it better be.. ) however as all connoisseurs know price is no object when it comes to quality. It truly offers the whole ambiance and pseudo swank experience leading one to believe that you’ve arrived !

Something fishy about it ?

Something fishy about it ?

A girlfriend recently apprised me of “the current rage” in footspas.. fish spas.
On checking the concept out it seems its been around for a while.. Spas in Delhi have really caught on the trend lately and its been quite the rage in the South East .. and of course the Middle East is where it all started, particularly Turkey !!

Interestingly, the wisdom of putting fish to uses other than culinary, has been around in India for centuries. The self same concept of foot spas was and is still praciticed at a small town in Karnataka, Shrungneri. Its even better
because its all for free !!

Another well known use of the little suckers is  The Bathini Fish Medicine, used for curing asthama. And the real medicine
is a very well guarded secret.. sorry America, no patent available here.

For more information

Wikipedia : Doctor fish

Little dermatologists: Aman Spa

GARRA RAZA in action
GARRA Rufa in action
Mumbai needs a congestion charging system too !!

Mumbai needs a congestion charging system too !!

IBM has designed a congestion charging system for Stockholm which cuts back CO2 emissions and reduced the city’s traffic by 18% ..
A levy on usage of the Worli sea link has worked.. though not very successfuly ..why ? perhaps because it does not encourge public transport and in fact works the other way round by prompting individuals to use it more. All very good economics but really bad on the ecology ….
Authorities need to wake up and smell the smog ,, before it is too late..and somebody really needs to take charge..



The realm of realism is closer than you think

faster than you have considered
simpler than stranger things you have done

why let go of this when
all the rest is just a dream, just a hoax

as you inch forward .. gathering your wits about
the one reality evasive.. laughing mocking out of your reach

you realize.. time is the least of your worries.



The direction of the eye, so misleading The defection of the soul, nauseously quick I dont question, our existence I just question, our modern needs

—— PJ Garden

Today was a brilliant day, almost like a winter morning ,as I looked out to the garden that I see from my desk.. memories of a score years back came flooding in.. like they always do at a familar sight and its nice to know I will carry this with me wherever I go.