Something fishy about it ?

Something fishy about it ?

A girlfriend recently apprised me of “the current rage” in footspas.. fish spas.
On checking the concept out it seems its been around for a while.. Spas in Delhi have really caught on the trend lately and its been quite the rage in the South East .. and of course the Middle East is where it all started, particularly Turkey !!

Interestingly, the wisdom of putting fish to uses other than culinary, has been around in India for centuries. The self same concept of foot spas was and is still praciticed at a small town in Karnataka, Shrungneri. Its even better
because its all for free !!

Another well known use of the little suckers is  The Bathini Fish Medicine, used for curing asthama. And the real medicine
is a very well guarded secret.. sorry America, no patent available here.

For more information

Wikipedia : Doctor fish

Little dermatologists: Aman Spa

GARRA RAZA in action
GARRA Rufa in action

One thought on “Something fishy about it ?

  1. I have come across this a few times. The fish are meant to nibble at the dead skin to give your feet the clean pedicure look 🙂

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