A guide of what not to watch.. ever !

A guide of what not to watch.. ever !

Not if you’re bored, not for the lack of something to do.. not to kill time.. not for the heck of it.. In short, don’t watch it – period
What am I talking about? Surrogates is a real lively film. It’s so lively that even the cloned humanoids are alive. and literally unstoppable. This film is a real whacker.

Half machine half mystery
Half machine half mystery

It’s set in some undefined point of time in the foreseeable future, where everything is just the same .. the same cars, which don’t yet fly or use bio friendly fuel, same houses, same jobs, same everything. Given that technology changes, no surprises there, its the same thing, same computers even same pen drives. in fact the only thing is Barbie and ken decide to go big .. and live..

Now for the fun moments. Bruce Willis, bless his soul ( no not physically as yet, but going by the likes of this role, his acting career surely is – DEAD) has used this look a couple of times before, in the sixth sense and from one of “the Jackal ” scenes (where he poses as a homosexual to gain access to the DC official), well a bit of impressive brushwork by the make up artiste.. anyway, comedy comedy, your biggest guaff should occur mid way when you realize who the Prophet really is..

But hey, if you’re hunting for the story line here, and wondering why the jimmy is this such a sketchy post… surprise surprise .. There is none!!

Okay if you insist, to sum it up, sometime in the future lazy Americans invent clones to save themselves the trouble of working, of dying of whatever.. Almost all of them end up strapped to a bed cum chair like device. With undersea / aviator kind of eyepieces that actually connect them to their clones (which by the way look way better as they are custom made).. Meanwhile there’s this bunch of other freemasons who don’t confirm and live in a walled area by themselves roughing it out.. our friend WillIs, the perpetual cop.. is an agent who investigates the death of the son of the inventor of this gory monstrosity.. them clones.. then follows an obscure event of several deaths.. and attempts.. Willis sometimes as himself and sometimes as the clone investigates some more and finally unravels the truth…. since i really do not want you to watch this terrible tragedy I am very tempted to give away the end.. but do you really want to know ????? drop a line..)

Check out the surveillance screens
No changes to surveillance screens

Director to watch out for – Jonathan Mostow

Bonus Tip: Be even more wary of scripts by Michael Ferris & John D. Brancato