Blast from the past – Lunch rendevous and some

Blast from the past – Lunch rendevous and some

Yesterday , yesteryears.
The topic of our lunch table varies depending on what has happened in office, how rushed we are and who is at the table. One afternoon we were discusssing most liked cartoon characters.. and this led to a oh do you remember that show session.. which then moved further back to the days when Door-darshan reigned supreme…
What was it about the 80’s that was so endearning.. the whole package included the illustrated weekly on sunday’s.. halo shampoo.. readers’ digest with garden silk adverts.. old landline telephones that you dial with a resonating whirr.. the yellow fiat padmini, Dimple Kapadia endorsing a hair soap .. (like anyone ever used that) , target comics, and then the nineties..
the advent of sony and along with it television serials, dekh bhai dekh, sushmita crowned miss universe, the anticipation of waiting for ‘the world this week’ on friday night .. nostaligia or what ?
For some of us these formative years have been truly enjoyable and i don’t think i could have it any differently , except maybe if it were the sixties .. 🙂

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