Rocket Singh kaun hai ?

Rocket Singh kaun hai ?

Rocket Singh is that every person in us who wants to be honest and rings a bell of goodness. Besides he is that every person who is ambitious and does not give up easily. He knows that if you do your work honestly enough the money will come eventually.

Ranbir Kapoor is evolving infront of our eyes and lives up to the khandan name. He has the cute sweet look of a fresher still. He has however lost his
self obsessed camera happy look portrayed unbeknowstly in some of the earlier RK-4 movies…

This movie is about Harpreet Singh Bedi a fresh out of college bloke who has never pushed too hard till now and lived a happy go lucky existence with his grandad and friends.. after flunking the CAT(i know theres no flunking on the CAT, but what the director means is that he did miserably on the entrance to even try a b school) decides to get into the PC sales business at AYS. At the interview he is given the task of selling a pencil.. which he does with good flair but fails to impress the interviewer, luckily the owner walks in and is impressed with his never say die attitude.

As he tries to learn the ropes our young friend is sent on a small assignment where he is asked for a bribe by one of the company’s important accounts.
This pushes the Singh’s button and he blows his cool, and after politely refusing to cooperate drops a complaint against the person who insinuated the bribe. However this does not augur well with the top management at AYS who then bismirch his name and drop the intern from the ranks of active sales..
He is degraded to making cold telephonic calls while the rest of the staff, cheesed with him for having to bear the brunt of the management as their targets are doubled, shower him with paper rockets – college room style!!

Singh quietly endures this humiliation but when the office receptionist passes him a lead and asks him to follow it up, he takes her advice. He takes the offer of delivering two pc’s for a PYT.. who by the by becomes the only love interest in the movie. Though this is done beautifully and seamlessly into the fabric of the story and is not ado. Singh now figures that he can supply assembled comps to clients at much cheaper rates than the company and throws in 24*7 service as well. . help from the office pervert and the receptionist soon becomes and ally .. more surprise when the manager joins them and finally the office peon adds a quintet to the partnership.

So they work in tandem with the daily gruel working nights for their service contracts and working on dead leads that the receptionist has . each of the partner brings in his or her unique share to the business named “Rocket sales service” an ode to the many rockets the staff threw at the turbaned hero.
The small firm quickly rockets to success driven by Singh’s steadfastness and honest to goodness work ethic. As the company threatens to oust AYS..the owner makes a telephonic offer to Singh to buy him out which the latter turns down. In all this the owner is unaware that the business is being conducted under his very nose.. he does get a whiff of it eventually and his deep pockets land the five in trouble legally. As a compromise to bail out his partners Singh is forced to sell cheap .. for a rupee.. and disappear from active duty.
The elated Puri soon discovers that just buying out the name of the company is not enough his corrupt staff do not have the honestly to pull it through and they begin losing all business. Eventually he seeks out Singh who since his fall from grace, is working at Croma as a deckhand ,and asks him to return to the company as a VP.. Singh now tells him to P’#$ off …. A defeated Puri admits his mistake and returns the documents for Rocket Sales back to Singh and tells him never to “become a businessman” again. They part saying they will meet on the field.

Rocket Singh has one great takeaway learnt usually the hard way “No one can treat you like s@#$ without your permission. If people are walking all over you it is because you have let them do so”.

Director: Shimit Amin
Cast: RK 4, Shazaan Padamsee

Advertising genuis ?? Some maybe, some not

Advertising genuis ?? Some maybe, some not

Ever opine an advert ?

Here are in my opinion, the best and worst

Safari Dicor – best one by far. If you look back upon your life what would you remember ? Surely not the corner office huh ?
If I could do just a fourth of whats in this ad, my soul will go straight to heaven for sure.. but then again if I do it all it may just not need to..
Forgive the personal digress.. the ad, as such is done beautifully and sublime, encompassed in a refreshing mist.. the background score mesmerizing and at once calming..
and what truly fabulous locales.. those who helped shoot this ad must have no doubt faced a lot of rough, but they’ve lived..
Watch it :
Score 12 out of 10

Conceptual Genius
Most recent brainwave
Zoozoos.. cannot dispute that success story
I hope we have not all forgotten.. Onida.. Neighbor’s envy owners pride.. A radical breakthrough at that time .
and a little closer, but still about a decade or so back, Fido Dido. .

Good ones
HDFC Std life.. has a concept and are doing a good job at it
Tata Indicom’s Digital Al clarity advertisements .. good ones.. really good ones
Pepsi my can – I first saw this mid way , and was slightly confused. However though it’s novel.. there really is something wrong with the whole Coke, Pepsi and Thumbs up concept.. they are almost all singularly One uppers.. something to do with the cola wars themselves. ?
But hey. . there’s one of these that have improved considerably,or was the agency really doing a good job all along ? I am talking about Coke, the whole
Open Happiness thing is a good idea, as a company concept as well as an advertisement concept..

Product ads that live up to the challenge, year after year
Raymond – Concept and quintessential theme
Titan – Not any new ones of late, themed well
Bingo – Totally hilarious, bordering quite the crazy,always brimming with imagination

There is a little run advertisement that I had grown very fond of personally.. I call it Strange Love..
Coke – Strange love
Again its the music that gets me high on this ‘Coke’, but not just that its a fair bit of animation and the entire concept itself.
Distant but personal. Nice touch
Watch it!
Score: Maybe an 8

Desperate to make an mark
Do co Mo.. a bit far stretched

Off the wrong foot
Virgin ads – Sincerity pays guys.. people will laugh but perhaps the joke is on you Mr Burton

Que pasa ?
Saif – Kareena Airtel tv advert :the one about dil tiltli .. Hello? kBh??