In praise of intelligent film-making and some moving drama !

In praise of intelligent film-making and some moving drama !

The Turkish mountain snowdrop, “Befir” has a sad and beautiful lore.
It is fabled that it is in love with the sun – which it has never seen, knowing that it will begin to wilt and fade away the moment the first rays touch it.
And so it waits, to bloom and see the sun – only to die – loving it.

A year ago in Winter, it is a brilliant masterpiece, at times subtle at times in your face. Boldly experimental and a portrait of true art in several forms. Great acting, singing, background score, lyrics, screenplay, dance, painting and most of all.. the story itself weaving itself through the complex fabric of modern life at the same time touching a deep uncharted basic chord.

When the white spills …

When the white spills …

In an age of oil spills I am plagued by white spills……

My favourite travel bag carries a whiff of different scents. The outer compartment where I put my slippers is Himalaya face cream – a whole big bottle, ever walked in squishy slippers ?? couldnt even wipe off and reuse that one. Damages not much but the remorse ! that was on a trip to Calcutta. Almost each of my travels have a spilled over story to tell.
Goa = Odomos, naturals, all over the cosmetic kit.. and my sunglasses.. so while i did get bitten because of the lack of protection (do not smirk. – I refer to mosquitoes) they stayed at bay during the day!
Then my camera bag has a very sad story to tell. Clinique SPF 50. No, perhaps the bag is very happy. It still glows to perfection! That was Jaipur.
Returning from Bangalore bear the marks of not cream but conditioner,. schwarzkopf professional. I never got over the shock, did not buy it again. If its not meant for me and slips through my fingers then sorry, I will not chase.

My purse too has its fair share of adventures, there was one fateful day that i found my headphones encased with handcream.. it was a sorry sight. I now have soft ears.Today I went into the bedroom to find an eyebrow raising spill on my satin bedspread. Vaseline. Partly salvaged so the damage is not too great.. the spread is allright, has a very suspicious mark but is fragrant so am not in a hurry to take it to the cleaners.
Even though I still have to learn and remember to pack them in plastic covers or ziplock them.. I have learnt this : The more expensive the cream the greater the probability of the spill !

Mumbai is the only trip I make relatively spillage free.. luxuries of having a second home.. stocked with its share on shelves!