Of parrots and octopi

Of parrots and octopi

Yesterday, my office witnessed a scurry of emails over the ‘alleged’ fate of Paul the Octopus. Some said he was in the frying pan. German historic values were revisited.. Overall empathy expressed.. While some like me looked longingly at the very scrumptious looking picture the mollusk made..

Makes one wonder how far fetched we can get. In parrots, octopus and the like and in placing WC bets. For the un-initiated, betting on the FIFA cup is indeed BIG BUSINESS. Official bets range from GBP 25 upwards ( No idea on the overall takings could well be in millions).

FIFA WC 2010 may well be rechristened Parrot v/s Octopus

* Paul had a strike rate of 80% in 2008 and now picks Spain over Netherlands for Sunday’s final
* Manny the Parakeet however begs to differ!

PS: Helas: The author lost out on a Pro-Uruguay bet