Recipie for disaster

Recipie for disaster

I could talk about the joys of culinary modernism and of promoting forgotten ways of cooking….but these would but only be empty rhetoric ?
Somehow in a world of limitless possibilities we limit ourselves to the known when it comes to food. I am not afraid of experimenting, within the confines of a
more or less restricted and mostly as is easily available ingredients at any given place or time.

But wait a min. what am I trying to say really.
Today I cooked. at 12 am. do you know these pangs ?
the midnight hunger pangs.. (ahem, the astronomical ones por favor)
The recipe tends to be then very close to disaster. You start off with whatever catches ones fancy in the refrigerator. If you’re lucky you’ll get something sensible out. If you’ve been lazy that weekend and let the supplies dwindle then heaven help the disaster….

Here are some quick fixes that always have worked for me

Eggs – Miracle stuff ..
Marie Biscuit and Jam and Milk – Viola. Trifle
Maggie- No, its not a restrictor. Use as a base for mixing with vegetables and as an easy peasy pasta make of your own.. Junk the tastemaker si’l vous plait.
Day (of sometimes two_ old chappati. rice – Manna from heaven, any Maharashtrian worth their weight in salt will know what to do next !
Assorted fruits and nuts – Mix with cold milk.. my personal fave is a banana honey and date mash….. sweet but scrumptious…. try throwing in a few walnuts for that extra crunch.. or even muesli ?
Wait a min, do you find some ice cream ? Quickly brew a nice hot cup of coffee as strong as you dare….. pour over vanilla ice cream and that’s my stairway to heaven.

Not really much more to report, I did say these are my quick fixes… I would like to mention a friend whose sole midnight munch comprises “Muri” or puffed rice. Infinitely healthier and definitely easier to fix, open box , stuff face.. good night.

PS: The disaster in all this is the effect on my waistline…. if you’d notice its almost all sweet tooth material 😦

4 thoughts on “Recipie for disaster

  1. I understand the situation, but where exactly is the problem?
    Effect on the waistline is a mere trifle, hardly a disaster. Any reasonable person (as opposed to a health freak) will tell you that.
    But some nice ideas, though. Thanks!
    Here’s my contribution: ham sandwich with orange marmalade.
    Another: Crush some Marie biscuits, fold into vanilla ice cream, eat. Works with Bourbon (the biscuit, not the spirit) too, but too commonplace.

      1. I ve tried orange marmalade with stuff before.. its quite an intersting zingy taste.. less guilty for the sweet component.. and, i’m now curious.. what will happen if u pour the said spirit over ice cream????? fizzy nd then dizzy.. must try sometime

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