My Sabbath

My Sabbath

Sometimes on a Saturday – I would like someone to make a me a cup of tea in the morning. Just sometimes. 

Most days start early with me bright and happy and bounding out of bed and happy to make tea, breakfast and lunch, take a walk, a quick shower and rush to work. There’s a stand up breakfast by the kitchen counter and a hurried chat with the maid who waltzes in as I dash out grabbing my lunchbox – with last min. instructions for the day’s organization. That’s most days. I’m happy to buzz about Mon-Fri. 

But Saturdays the mornings are different… lazy retrieving the paper and reading it on my little balcony to start with and finish in bed..that’s when I want the tea ! There’s a strong deep connection with a cuppa and the printed paper.. yes, the printed paper. Hard copy. In my hands, smelling of ink-print. Smelling fresh newspaperish.. crackling and sometimes awkward to turn around and manouvre to the right angle while reading a column thats not quite printed on perfect half axels. Saturday is also Qigong day for me (merits a whole new post) and it is the MOST perfect day of my week, for tom – it is Sunday. And on that note, goodnight ! 


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