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<a href="“>Indian Ports Poised for Infrastructure Development
<a href="“>

On the Indian Energy Rush

Valuenotes, August 2009

On Clean trade and Indian Solar energy collaborations

Valuenotes, April 2009

Financial Wire, April2009

Highbeam, April 2009

My Library, April 2009

Channel 91, April 2009

India News 2 Connect, Indosolar

World of Renewables

Freedom from Gobalization

Valuenotes, July 2009

Boeing India Innovation research centre and

advancements in Indian aerospace engineering

Valuenotes, May 2009

High Beam Research

EIN Presswire

Political Technology

Valuenotes, April 2009

Outsourcing in the time of recession

Valuenotes,Mar 2009

Fall of an automotive Giant – On GM

Valuenotes, Feb 2009

On Investment banking – Indian developments

Valuenotes, Feb 2009

On the CISCO -TCS IT solutions partnership

Valuenotes, Feb 2009


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