Geese management for humans

Geese management for humans

Scientists have found that geese flying in formation in a flock can travel around 78% further in a session than geese flying solo. Working together on the task of flying is beneficial in a number of ways:

* Aerodynamic Formation – The V formation of geese is a way that maximizes the energy expended by those flying as part of it. The bird at the front of the flock breaks the air for those flying behind it and creates a slipstream for them to be dragged along in. The birds behind also help those in front as the upward motion of their wing also creates an upward draft that propels them forward. This push/pull relationship ensures all birds in the formation benefit from the work of others.
* Rotating Leadership – Even with the pushing effect of those behind it – the front bird uses the most energy and becomes tired more quickly than others. The geese know this and instinctively rotate leadership of the flock – allowing tired birds who have used a lot of energy for the sake of the flock to take a rest and be dragged a long for a while until it is their next turn up front.
* Dropping out of the Flock – as a result of sickness or injury a bird will occasionally begin to fall away from the flock – unable to keep up. Instead of allowing this bird to fly on alone – at least two others will always drop out of the flock with it. This ensures that the injured bird will be defended and cared for until it is ready to resume flying – and that it will fly on with the benefit of flying in formation.
* Power of the Honk – From the ground the V formation of the geese is a beautiful thing to watch – serenely gliding across the sky these birds look quite majestic and peaceful. However get up into the flock and you find its quite a noisy affair with the geese constantly honking at one another. There are numerous theories about this honking and it could be partly about letting each other know where they are so there is no midair collisions) but many believe that this honking is actually about creating an environment of success and mutual encouragement.

As a result of some of these dynamics the geese can fly amazing distances without stopping for rest – so much further than if they tried to do it alone.

Reproduced from Problogger

Out with the old.. in with the new..

Out with the old.. in with the new..

The first decade of the 21st century is over. So how did outsourcing fare ?
Since so much of what we do consists of looking at trends, here are some of the top of the hat trends that breezed around and then hung like a fog over the decade.

1. Black-swans and wormhole wizards – And I’m not just referring to the Joe Satriani album, I’m including Taleb and the princess of magic, Ms. Rowling here. I know she made her BIG DEBUT last decade but tell me really, when did you read about wizarding wormholes, actually?

This decade’s real black swan was the GEC (to the uninitiated global economic crisis, or slowdown rather as they like to call it) – What a blimp that was – is .. Whatever.
Having recently watched Michael Moore’s Capitalism my understanding of what “they” did is further enriched, I also understand that it was ‘just waiting to happen’. For those in the banking, finance and related sectors or trade, industrial, outsourcing, manufacturing, transport, practically every sector, the impact of this slowdown has been pretty evident. Job markets dried up, pay scales went down or at best remained stagnant, layoffs, and cost cut backs- basically we all cleaned up our acts. Perhaps in a way it was a good shake and wake up, for a price naturally.

Outsourcing by and large stayed gung ho – more cost cuts equals more outsourcing right? Though at peak crisis time the industry did look a little like a wet dog, but by now they’ve managed to shake off the excess and emerge clean and shiny-ish.

2. The decade from Hell – That’s what TIME magazine called it in 2009- what with terror attacks, two terms of GW Bush, the great big Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac and subsequent housing fiasco– it’s no wonder that Americans are really tired. Well, that and no more MJ, the junior Elvis and only bigger actually – globally and in terms of being BAD.

3. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (and Avatar) – I’m referring to Climate Change here, there everywhere as it seems now. As Carlos Saldhana tried so hard to yell from the rafters – guys, the ice is melting. As a country that provides such a large chunk in the pie of outsourced services, more emissions are being blown out of Indian industrial chimneys and as yet more natural resources deplete, tipping the balance of yet more natural ecosystems though the average Indian still doesn’t give a hey about the phenomenon. But excuse me Mr Pandit, your Ganges is turning grey and the ice on the shivlinga black. (Although we know of a certain Mr Pandit who would love having the cit(i)y ‘turning black’ now ! )

Meanwhile countries like UK are happy to have the ‘illusion’ of reduced emissions though in fact these are more of outsourced emissions. (Sigh), global warming indeed, is an ugly word.

4. Rise of the Asian tiger(s) – More than ever before, China and India have arrived. It is interesting to know just how important a part outsourcing plays in this context. The Indian outsourcing industry which draws annual revenues in excess of USD 11 bn accounts to 40% of global outsourcing market. At the peak of the 2008-2009 financial slowdown, China alone generated a revenue of USD 2.59 billion (for Q1/2009).

5. Technology – Technology – Ten years back, cloud was a fuzzy misty condensation in the sky. Social network – meant the weekly meet up with friends and Android was just another robot that featured in many sci-fi Hollywood action flicks.

Through all the technological advancement that is taking shape, ‘borderless outsourcing’ is now easily possible. As a circular effect of the phenomenon new career avenues are opening up, Social Architect … and you can prepare yourself at the ‘Social Media Academy’.. well why not , there is also the ‘BPO Certification Institute’ and BPO Management has now become a specialized branch, which means that probably ‘undergrad. with good English’ will not last long.

In all, this has been a good decade for the outsourcing industry! There’s more happening, all over, newer countries, consolidation, specialisation, cost savings, revenues, technology development, breaking down barriers and crossing new frontiers.

Endnote –
Outsourcing jobs to more cost effective locations does hurt someone though – the one who’s job was lost in the first place. In countries where a large amount of offshoring has taken place, like the US and the UK there is strong public sentiment against outsourcing , (more so offshoring) and there are a few states in the US that have actually passed laws that prevent offshoring- however, the ‘good for long term and for the greater economy’ principle prevailing dwarfs this opinion. In conclusion even for those that consider outsourcing negative, it has proven itself to be a ‘necessary (if not lesser) evil’ and the world has come to terms with that. Industry participants, buyers or suppliers however have a different story to tell.

Business Process Re-engineering is a savvy way of bringing back the job that was outsourced in the first place, the company is happy first that its cutting back on costs, the supplier is happy because ‘he got the deal’, the supplier is then very happy that he’s getting the work done at a faster, cost effective pace. The supplier is happy that the BPO/KPO employee is getting a value addition across the learning curve and is making money in the process. The when the job goes back, the buyer firm is happy that a ‘process’ has been set which allows one person the do the job of three for a far lesser value than earlier employed. The vendor is happy to consult on a periodic basis, and a pre agreed price. Employees on both sides are now happy – and the shareholder, the supreme, is so happy that benefits have been passed all along! What more could you want from!

Advertising genuis ?? Some maybe, some not

Advertising genuis ?? Some maybe, some not

Ever opine an advert ?

Here are in my opinion, the best and worst

Safari Dicor – best one by far. If you look back upon your life what would you remember ? Surely not the corner office huh ?
If I could do just a fourth of whats in this ad, my soul will go straight to heaven for sure.. but then again if I do it all it may just not need to..
Forgive the personal digress.. the ad, as such is done beautifully and sublime, encompassed in a refreshing mist.. the background score mesmerizing and at once calming..
and what truly fabulous locales.. those who helped shoot this ad must have no doubt faced a lot of rough, but they’ve lived..
Watch it :
Score 12 out of 10

Conceptual Genius
Most recent brainwave
Zoozoos.. cannot dispute that success story
I hope we have not all forgotten.. Onida.. Neighbor’s envy owners pride.. A radical breakthrough at that time .
and a little closer, but still about a decade or so back, Fido Dido. .

Good ones
HDFC Std life.. has a concept and are doing a good job at it
Tata Indicom’s Digital Al clarity advertisements .. good ones.. really good ones
Pepsi my can – I first saw this mid way , and was slightly confused. However though it’s novel.. there really is something wrong with the whole Coke, Pepsi and Thumbs up concept.. they are almost all singularly One uppers.. something to do with the cola wars themselves. ?
But hey. . there’s one of these that have improved considerably,or was the agency really doing a good job all along ? I am talking about Coke, the whole
Open Happiness thing is a good idea, as a company concept as well as an advertisement concept..

Product ads that live up to the challenge, year after year
Raymond – Concept and quintessential theme
Titan – Not any new ones of late, themed well
Bingo – Totally hilarious, bordering quite the crazy,always brimming with imagination

There is a little run advertisement that I had grown very fond of personally.. I call it Strange Love..
Coke – Strange love
Again its the music that gets me high on this ‘Coke’, but not just that its a fair bit of animation and the entire concept itself.
Distant but personal. Nice touch
Watch it!
Score: Maybe an 8

Desperate to make an mark
Do co Mo.. a bit far stretched

Off the wrong foot
Virgin ads – Sincerity pays guys.. people will laugh but perhaps the joke is on you Mr Burton

Que pasa ?
Saif – Kareena Airtel tv advert :the one about dil tiltli .. Hello? kBh??

Something fishy about it ?

Something fishy about it ?

A girlfriend recently apprised me of “the current rage” in footspas.. fish spas.
On checking the concept out it seems its been around for a while.. Spas in Delhi have really caught on the trend lately and its been quite the rage in the South East .. and of course the Middle East is where it all started, particularly Turkey !!

Interestingly, the wisdom of putting fish to uses other than culinary, has been around in India for centuries. The self same concept of foot spas was and is still praciticed at a small town in Karnataka, Shrungneri. Its even better
because its all for free !!

Another well known use of the little suckers is  The Bathini Fish Medicine, used for curing asthama. And the real medicine
is a very well guarded secret.. sorry America, no patent available here.

For more information

Wikipedia : Doctor fish

Little dermatologists: Aman Spa

GARRA RAZA in action
GARRA Rufa in action