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This is something I would do !!

Los Rodriguez Life

Last Friday, Javi and I planned to do some more hiking around Buena Vista but my cousin Andrew advised us to conserve our energy for our big climb on Saturday. Instead, we decide to drive to Fairplay, CO and visit an open-air museum for South Park City, another abandoned town but completely restored. It was one of the best museums I’ve been to – truly! South Park City was a mining town in the 19th century, and the town’s economy diversified enough so that when the mining boom ended the city still thrived for a few decades. Eventually, the city fell into disrepair until the early 20th century when an attorney from Colorado Springs took interest in the history of the town and set out to restore it. He moved representative period buildings from all over the area to one single space on the outskirts of Fairplay. Eventually through donations…

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omography pop9

wonder what is a lomography pop9 camera !

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Renewable energy – interest v/s career option?

An increasing proportion of engineers applying to graduate schools in the US, currently express an alternate interest in renewable energy. At first glance, it appears as if students applying to mainstream courses such as MS in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Management are using this as a fallback option in their admissions procedure, but is this really the case? How intrigued are today’s young engineers with renewable energy, and more importantly, does it really make for a viable career option.

Analysts predict renewable energy as an industry will exceed one trillion dollars by 2020, moreover, as reported by the US Council of Economic Advisers, the payout in green energy jobs is 10-20% more than other jobs – this alone is a good enough incentive for a career in renewables. The fact that there appears to be strong governmental encouragement in clean energy, in the US and all over the world as well, is a positive motivator.

Due to its practical applications, such as manufacturing solar panels, building new power grids, renovating school/public buildings / residences – a specialization in renewable energy is best suited to electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural and design engineers and even computer engineers looking for specific renewable energy development options.

Recognizing this “need of the hour”, many Universities in the US and Europe are increasingly adding formal courses in alternative and renewable energy to their curriculum. University programs offer established research opportunities in nanotechnology, microelectronics and solar energy and so forth. Several Universities are also tied with leading power industries including PSE&G, ASCO Power Technologies. More often than not such research programs are heavily funded through public grant support or private sponsorship – which can be converted into likely RA/TA opportunities for graduate or doctoral students.

For a graduate level course, an elective in renewable energy covers scientific challenges and applications of one or more specific renewable energy source. On completing a graduate course in renewable or one of its electives, typically, a student is expected to be proficient in designing and building a renewable energy application for example, building a solar panel/hydrogen production, predict power output under various conditions, be aware of practical challenges in performance efficiency, design and optimize home or small community energy systems and stimulation of micro power grids with sustainable energy.

So, renewable energy can offer a viable career – so long as you choose a career goal best suited to your performance, interested and strengths. Here are some current options for training and a further career in renewable energy-

Courses in renewable energy and subsequent career options

Courses in renewable energy and subsequent career options

There is a word of caution to add here as well, as renewable energy is a major ‘state initiative’, changes in public policy, governments and funding priorities can alter or drastically affect the outlook for this sector. Also noteworthy are the realistic considerations of “very expensive” capital outlays, that is causing some companies (initially enthused about alternatives) to rethink, scale down or altogether shut down their clean energy initiatives (e,g Google, General Electric ). Recently, in the US, several solar energy panel manufacturers like Solyndra, Abound Solar, Amonix have discontinued operations while some have even had to file for bankruptcy. Stiff competition from Chinese products is among the primary reasons why these start ups have had to shut shop.


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Amazing famous blog spoofs

Reproduced from “fakebill’s” “about me section 


The following was copied from my first post. I should probably have written up something different, but I don’t have time. In the time I took to write this one sentence I made a few hundred dollars. Jealous? Welcome to the real world. When asked in a survey, 80% of America said that they wish they were me. Its a one way road. I definitely don’t wish to be you.

My name is Bill Gates, and I have over ten million times more money than you. I created Windows, the most advanced operating system in existence, after I dropped out of high school. All I ever learned in school anyways was how to get credit for other people’s work (and I do that very well).

I have severe ADHD. I am hyperactive and can’t stay focused for long periods of time. People tell me that I have somewhat of a split personality and that I change moods very fast.

I like Star Wars, and my personal role model is Darth Vader.

I hate to break it to you, but no matter what you do, I’ll always have more money than you. To tell you the truth, I make more money in a second than you do in an entire day. Before I get sidetracked, let mention one more thing. Every one of the hundreds of lawyers that I employ are telling me that its absolutely necessary to have a disclaimer. If you absolutely must read it then you can find it here.

Anyways, because I’m so rich, every day one hundred random strangers ask me for money. Every year, I give one or two of the suckers some money to help my reputation. I even started a foundation to decide which sucker gets the money. Why not? Anyways, after I give a few of them money, I tell the rest of them to go and get a job and a life. The ones who stay and whine are removed forcibly.

I’ve thought of creating a blog before, but I always decided it wasn’t worth it. Why should I, Bill Gates, the richest man to have ever lived, spend my precious time writing about my life so that some idiot on the other side of the globe can read it. Blogging doesn’t pay well, and even if it did, I certainly don’t need the money. As I already said, I make hundreds of thousands of dollars every day by doing nothing. Why should I waste my time blogging? Its the stupidest idea I ever heard of. In fact, I fired the last guy that recommended it to me.

That is what I used to think. Then I saw this website. Wow! Bad move by me. I’m taking medicine to overcome my severe ADHD, but it all broke down. I totally lost control. Stupid Little Steve Jobs, that ugly little bugger that messed up my life, has his own blog. Not only that, but he has been making fun of me on a daily basis. Even worse, he’s been making fun of Vista. He is such an ungrateful brat. I created the computer (or close enough anyways) and he has the chutzpah to go and make fun of me.

If he can blog, than so can I! He may try to brainwash you into buying a Mac, but I’ll stop him! I’ll beat him at his own game! You watch and see. Down with El Jobso! LONG LIVE MICROSOFT

PS: Unfortunately, El Jobso is no more, and we (fakebill,realbill,you and me) are all unhappy about that ! 

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Geese management for humans

Scientists have found that geese flying in formation in a flock can travel around 78% further in a session than geese flying solo. Working together on the task of flying is beneficial in a number of ways:

* Aerodynamic Formation – The V formation of geese is a way that maximizes the energy expended by those flying as part of it. The bird at the front of the flock breaks the air for those flying behind it and creates a slipstream for them to be dragged along in. The birds behind also help those in front as the upward motion of their wing also creates an upward draft that propels them forward. This push/pull relationship ensures all birds in the formation benefit from the work of others.
* Rotating Leadership – Even with the pushing effect of those behind it – the front bird uses the most energy and becomes tired more quickly than others. The geese know this and instinctively rotate leadership of the flock – allowing tired birds who have used a lot of energy for the sake of the flock to take a rest and be dragged a long for a while until it is their next turn up front.
* Dropping out of the Flock – as a result of sickness or injury a bird will occasionally begin to fall away from the flock – unable to keep up. Instead of allowing this bird to fly on alone – at least two others will always drop out of the flock with it. This ensures that the injured bird will be defended and cared for until it is ready to resume flying – and that it will fly on with the benefit of flying in formation.
* Power of the Honk – From the ground the V formation of the geese is a beautiful thing to watch – serenely gliding across the sky these birds look quite majestic and peaceful. However get up into the flock and you find its quite a noisy affair with the geese constantly honking at one another. There are numerous theories about this honking and it could be partly about letting each other know where they are so there is no midair collisions) but many believe that this honking is actually about creating an environment of success and mutual encouragement.

As a result of some of these dynamics the geese can fly amazing distances without stopping for rest – so much further than if they tried to do it alone.

Reproduced from Problogger

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