Preparing to be a parent

Preparing to be a parent

I’ve been meaning to write, for 9+7 months now, yes its been 7 months since my life changed, for the better. Definately better ! (that’s what they tell me, though I have no doubts, when times are a-testing, one look at my cherub, sweetie pie, I agree)

Anyhoo, to business. In the next few pages, I intend to record for myself, and as a note for any parent to be what the state of affairs is in these first trying months of being a first time, greenthumb parent.

  • November – December 2016:

Shaken from our DINK status, the husband and I leaped feet first into parenthood with what we thought was a standard recipie for happiness, in our smugness we beleived that we were aptly prepared (ha!) and armed with new crib, new clothes, new bottles and such ventured into the hospital, me tottering tipping the scales at a never before number. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself, let us start at the VERY begining.

  • December 2015, New Years Eve

I had just finished cooking, guests were about to pile in soon, as we prepared for our annual new years bash, a trip to Spain fresh on the memory inspired the theme of my spanish night, replete with tapas, vino, fino and even more vino.

We decided that resolution no. 1 is to make 2016 a baby year. And no, it is not just a vino laced decision, it is carefully thought out (several years of coaxing, first gentle, then more obvious  from immediate relations, inlaws etc).

  • Spring & Summer 2016

Fast forward 3 months, and lo and behold, we are pregnant ! For real, but of course we did not find out till April / early May, and from there not much changed, except a doctor’s appointment every now and then, and a few vitamins and general take it easy instructions.

Work and life continued at more or less the same pace till well into July for me (except a strong bout of morning sickness in the first trimester). A trip to Panchghani at the end of June would be the last single vacation I would take (in a long time I think), and apart from having a cocktail when dining out I wasn’t missing out on much.

  • Autumn (Monsoon) 2016

Come August, this began to change with visible body changes and a general “heaviness” that had begun to set in. People around me began to walk on eggshells, as by now almost everyone in my circle of work and friends knew and started treating me like a slowly ticking time bomb. I too began to make preparations and started “nesting” around for baby essentials, signing up on online parenting forums, reading heavy traditional books on the subject and whatnot. The most remarkable thing was the stream of information / instructions offered from all and sundry on how it is, tidbits, tips and a UNBELEIVABLE unprecedented level of solidarity and support. Right from the beginning all this baby has got is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  • Winter 2016

As I began winding down at work, my body began preparing for birth. I was round, all around, simple tasks took a long time and though I had hardly any complications or troubles, I slowed down considerably with sleep taking up priority no. 1 in my life. (Rightly so, since after that winter of 2016 I have not slept more than 3-4 hours at a stretch) Towards the end of November, I had entered a state of slow calm happiness, maybe felt by sloths, who are happy to lie sunning themselves on a log for hours on end.  Hospital visits had become second nature to us, and we had fallen into a happy routine of weekly check ups, followed by a long happy breakfast (our hospital visits were scheduled for 7.30 am, as a happy reminder of what was to come, preparing us for parenthood, we’d stumble out of bed at 6 and get ready to leave for the hospital, then office, or in my case mostly a working day from home). And long patient waits at the hospital are really to prepare parents in the long patient way of being a parent more than anything else I think. Sly. Smooth, real sly -smooth, ye doctors !