How did you find Fanny ?

How did you find Fanny ?

6/10 says my movie partner. .

We just caught the much anticipated, much reviewed “Finding Fanny” and found it a bit overrated, a bit overacted, a bit too cliched, a tad bit sleazy ..but not too bad ! Not half- bad at any cost. This is primarily a “film about people”. It isn’t particularly funny. Not for lack of trying. It’s actually serious stuff, told lightly. S!#T happens. People go away, people die, there are cowards, mean people, rascals, selfish blokes, self centred ones and then some. There are also honest people. Simple folks and ok folks, there’s all kinds really.

Mr Shah has his usual lost vauge crazy look, but a sweet natured disposition that he reserves specially for Mr Adjania’s films. Ms Kapadia has her lopsided smile and screeches at times, but does justice in not trying too hard. Mr Kapoor is a hunk (umm the younger one) and is improving one movie at a time. Mr Kapur (Sr. ) is quite good and true to his role. Ms Padukone, looks better and better and acts better and better and better..I’m glad she did this one. It’s one of those fresh nice roles with soul. & Sorry Ranveer, I must’ve been blinking during your cameo..The problem here is there is sooo much work that this talented bunch of actors have done, that one is loathe to compare.

What I loved was the road. It IS after all a road film (Never mind the critics disagreeing). And it’s brought back, at least for me, so many memories from one of my goa road trips. The red brick floors of goan houses, the crazy grass, those undulating roads that go nowhere special. The slow pace of life that doesn’t give a hoot if youre in a hurry – or not. What I also loved is the theme of love and taking chances and trying. And that no matter what you do, life goes on.

Something tells me I must read the book that – I’ll look forward to. Then I’ll tell you if I liked it, or not. Not that you asked.